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Bathroom Renovations Pros was originally formed as a Melbourne based renovation company that solely focused on designing and building bathroom  renovations. Our decision to specialise in bathrooms was driven by our deep appreciation for interior design that is deceptively simple. While our bathroom designs give the overall impression of understated elegance, a closer look will reveal the space is comprised of beautifully complex detail. Your bathroom is such an intimate space, so the renovation process needs to be a highly personalised experience.

Bathroom Renovations South East Melbourne
Bathroom Renovations South East Melbourne

Your Bathroom Renovation

No matter the scale of your renovation, your project will always commence with the design phase. Our designers will visit your home to experience your space firsthand and discover your vision. Once we have gained a thorough understanding of what you would like to achieve, our designers will share what they have learned with our building team.

There is no other bathroom renovation experience in Melbourne that is quite like what we offer at Bathroom Renovations Pros. Our in-depth knowledge combined with our methodical approach allows us to efficiently design and build stunning bathrooms. From our initial meeting with you, it generally takes minimum possible time to reach completion of your renovation project, during which we can renovate your bathrooms, kitchen or complete home.

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